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Hillary Clinton Uses 15 y/o Child Actress to Further her Anti-Trump Narrative. Despicable!

10/05/2016—05:57 E.D.T ~ Yesterday, afternoon I was catching up on Twitter when I noticed HRC tweeted about a Facebook Live event she was broadcasting. I'm not a HRC supporter, but if I'm going to stay informed I've got to follow her. I navigated over to Facebook and started watching her Townhall event. Right off the bat it seemed very staged. The place was decorated and most unusual was that there was a bit of a crowd. I would guess 500 - 800 people in what looked like a rather large school gymnasium. There were a lot of cameramen and they kept cutting to the crowd (as to show off). I didn't really pay much attention and listened in the background, when suddenly the host, Elizabeth Banks, started fielding questions from the audience. The very first question seemed very oddly scripted, but the rest of the questions had more of an ad-hoc feel. It wasn't until after the VP debates that I went back to my office and started to dig into that first Townhall question.

I didn't have to dig very deep. First thing I did was search for "Hillary Townhall PA" to see what the media was saying about it. I couldn't believe it. All of the left sided media was praising the first questioner. A 15 year old girl named Brennan Leach. Everyone was praising her question, but now I had her last name. I then googled "Brennan Leach" and found her IMDB page. Which pointed me to her only credit's page. Which told me the name of the production house (NPB Entertainment Group). A google search of NPB lead me to their LinkedIn page. Which led me to Which led me to, Once Upon a Time - Trillium Vein, Brennan's only IMDB credit. I wasn't expecting to find it on YouTube. I watched the video and found a slightly younger version of Brennan from the Townhall. I took screenshots of the videos and used a facial recognition program to compare two images called:, which rated younger Brennan with older Brennan at a 76% match.

Please, whatch the video and tell me what you think:

80% through making the video I was curious to see if anyone else had the same idea about Brennan and did a Google search for "Brennan Leach child actor" and found this reddit thread. The originator of that thread: YoullReadThis references this portfolio page on Brennan. YoullReadThis also mentions that Brennan's father, Daylin Leach, is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate. Things are starting to make sense.

Here are some of the screenshots I took along my way.