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The web of the 90's is back!

09/30/2016—10:57 E.D.T ~ Remember the world wide web of yesteryear? I'm talking about the web from the 90's. Often you'd encounter blinking html tags or under construction gifs. It also wasn't uncommon to see a link to a URL with an IP address, e.g., Well, get ready to see that trend make a come back. Tomorrow President Obama will be relinquishing the United State's oversight of ICANN. ICANN is a non-profit organization that has been maintaining the root DNS system since 1998. This change has the potential to limit American's first ammendment right to free speech.

How does all of this play into freedom of speech?

Well, DNS maps a human friendly hostname like "wikileaks" to an IP address. The image below shows you 6 different IP addresses for
My web browser's address bar will display "" but it's essentially the same as "". You can try this for yourself, but your browser will throw an SSL error (that's a discussion for another time).

Back to censorship. Hypothetically, let's say that Julian Assange has some juicy information linking the Saudi government to terrorist activity and he posts that information on With ICANN no longer under the oversight of the U.S. they could be influence by Saudia Arabia to change the IP address of essentially making the entire website disappear from the face of the Internet. Unless, of course you knew the IP address yourself then you could reach via

That is why I say, grab your pogs and your slammers cause the Internet of the 90's is back!

A great video from Stefan Molyneux explaining the concerns.