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Hillary Clinton Uses 15 y/o Child Actress to Further her Anti-Trump Narrative. Despicable!

10/05/2016—05:57 E.D.T ~ Yesterday, afternoon I was catching up on Twitter when I noticed HRC tweeted about a Facebook Live event she was broadcasting. I'm not a HRC supporter, but if I'm going to stay informed I've got to follow her. I navigated over to Facebook and started watching her Townhall event. Right off the bat it seemed very staged. The place was decorated and most unusual was that there was a bit of a crowd. I would guess 500 - 800 people in what looked like a rather large school gymnasium. There were a lot of cameramen and they kept cutting to the crowd (as to show off). I didn't really pay much attention and [read more]

The web of the 90's is back!

09/30/2016—10:57 EDT ~ Remember the world wide web of yesteryear? I'm talking about the web from the 90's. Often you'd encounter blinking html tags or under construction gifs. It also wasn't uncommon to see a link to a URL with an IP address, e.g., Well, get ready to see that trend make a come back. Tomorrow President Obama will be relinquishing the United State's oversight of ICANN. ICANN is a non-profit organization that has been maintaining the root DNS system since 1998. This change has the potential to limit American's first ammendment right to free speech.

How does all of this play into freedom of speech? [read more]

Bueller, Bueller?

09/10/2016—12:22 EDT ~ Whilst listening to Hillary Clinton's coughing fit on Labor Day in Cleveland I couldn't help but think of that scene in Ferris Bueller's day off where he's playing a coughing keyboard. I had the time so I had to make the video. Sorry for the ads. Youtube immediately recognized it as copyrighted material and is monetizing it. I could have jumped through some hoops (mirror the video and/or slow it down) to hide the ads but I didn't have that much time ;) Enjoy.